Rhea is the current Legion of the Iron Dragons, Lord General Fraxis' personal core. Rhea is not only a powerful fighter, but also extremely intelligent and tactical.

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Equipment Edit

Black Iron Knife Edit

Rhea has a Black Iron combat knife that she keeps in a hidden pocket on her shin.

Abilities Edit

Metal Dust Manipulation Edit

Rhea is extremely adept at utilizing iron sand, storing ferrous powder fwithin her suit that she can use to both attack and defend. She can also break down metal objects into dust and utilize those also. One of Rhea's more signature moves is her iron rain technique.

Techniques Edit

  • Iron Rain - Rhea sends copious amounts of iron sand into the air, only to let it rain down on her opponents, piercing both armor and flesh.
  • Deteriorate - Rhea can convert any metal object she touches into dust to be used as iron sand.
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