Leonius is a member of Primordial Dawn.

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Glass Manipulation Edit

Leonius is able to combine his earth and fire abilities to create glass based techniques. He is extremely proficient in using glass to create powerful tools for battle.

Mugara Edit

Similar to a demon possession, Leonius is possessed by a powerful god named Mugara. Leonius' god possession is unique in that he was able to concentrate all of Mugara's energy into one eye. Leonius' right eye is replaced with one made of small mirrors. He replaced his eye himself using the power of his god possession as well as high-level transplant body modification. The eye allows him to redirect energy attacks by simply looking at them. It also allows him to have a high energy sense, so he is very good at determining the nature of someone's art by looking at them. He does not always have this eye active, as it drains his art energy quite considerably.

Cidonti, The Gilded Dragon Edit

In ancient times when the Tynar empire was still active, Leonius had found and captured Cidonti, The Gilded Dragon and one of the Exalted. He is now effectively Leonius' servant, as he pledged his life to him after being defeated in one on one battle. Cidonti is unique in that he resides in a sub dimension of his own creation. This dimension is said to be filled with beautiful golden crystals. Cidonti can enter and exit this dimension freely, and can appear whenever called upon by Leonius. However, Cidonti can only enter back from his dimension at two different "anchor points". The first anchor point Cidonti can set freely, but cannot move it until he re enters the normal world, and the other anchor point is Leonius.

Techniques Edit

  • Mugara's Arsenal: Reflective Swords - Leonius forms multiple reflective swords around himself, pointing towards the opponent. These swords can fire at the opponent at amazing speeds and are blinding to look at.
  • Lance of Empyrean - Leonius creates an immaculate lance out of glass. The lance is quite large and is taller than Leonius. The lance has the ability to channel energy thrown at it. For example, if an attack composed of fire magic was used against Leonius, he could block it with the lance and channel the art, allowing the lance to use that fire art. This effect only lasts for a short while before the lance looses the art power that it was harnessing.
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