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Loaloa is an enwe who is in the terrorist organization Dust. He is an Absolver, or high ranking officer, in the organization and is based in the Entarai hideout.

Loaloa is quite literally insane, he is constantly seen hobbling around muttering to himself. He is actually quite sharp and constantly slips between a cold intelligent murderer and an insane old man.


Loaloa is an old and withered enwe with the likeness of an orangutan. He lacks the face pads and lustrous orange coat of most male orangutans. His fur is a faded orange with patches of grey and his skin hangs loosely on his disheveled frame.

Loaloa wears a long grey loose fitting robe that is made up from a patchwork of fabric and dyed leather. The robe has no sleeves and restricts Loaloa's arms as he walks around, as he is sometimes unable to control his murderous urges. He carries a wooden case on his shoulders that has some of his masks hanging from it. The case holds restraining ropes for when he captures his victims.



Restraining Box[]

The divine gift given to him from Brummadsaya, Loaloa is in possession of a box that is able to produce immense quantities of durable rope. He uses this rope both in attacks and to restrain the victims of his art. Brummadsaya used her art to place this item inside of Lo's body, indicated by a lavender dot on the enwe's chin; even so, Lo prefers to carry the box on his shoulders.


Reaping Art[]

Loaloa is one of an extremely small number of practitioners to know the reaping art, collectively known as reapers. This extremely complex yet terrifying art is a potentially enhanced version of the exorcism art that allows the user to implant the souls of their victims into objects, killing them in the process. This art is extremely difficult to learn and prone to having negative effects on the practitioner, and the learning and practice of the art is illegal in almost every country across the globe.

Lo utilizes this terrifying ability to turn his victims into masks that he collects and can use for battle. His strange techniques are the source of his epithet as The Mask Collector, as it is said that he has a large number of masks. After making the mask from a persons soul, Loaloa can put on the mask to gain the abilities of that person.

In order to make a mask, Loaloa has to conduct a ritual to remove the soul of a person and place it into a mask. He must kidnap and restrain his victims in order to complete the ritual, as it takes some time. To use the mask, he places it on and inhales some of the energy that is attached to the soul, with more powerful moves requiring more energy. After the energy has been drained the mask is left with only the soul of his victim, which he keeps in his collection. Constantly inhaling the souls of so many people has deteriorated Lo's mind, and he has become mentally unstable and prone to violence.


  • Hiroki Mask - Loaloa's Hiroki mask is a large round mask framed by fur, with large white eyes and a frowning face. The soul in this mask has the ability to utilize earth manipulation and was particularly good at defensive techniques.
    • Hiroki Mask: Crumbling Summit - Loaloa is able to trap someone in a large triangular pyramid of stone, and then cause the pyramid to collapse in on itself, crushing whoever is inside.
    • Hiroki Mask: Earth Javelin - Loaloa can cause a large javelin of stone to fire from the earth.
    • Hiroki Mask: Earthen Barrier - Lo can create a giant wall of earth that can withstand powerful physical and energy attacks.
  • Jerabora Mask - Loaloa's Jerabora mask is thin, with an elongated chin, and made of dark wood. The soul in this mask is able to utilize the fire affinity.
    • Jerabora Mask: FIre Spit - Loaloa is able to shoot large spouts of flame from the chin of the mask
  • Nunumba Mask - Loaloa's Nunumba mask is a square mask with a devilish grin on its face. The soul in this mask is able to cast terrifying illusions.
    • Nunumba Mask: Dreadful Beast - Loaloa is able to conjure the image of a horrifying beast, terrifying anyone who is not of strong enough will.