Fraxis is the Lord General of the Iron Cities and thus the leading commander of the elite iron core in the military as well as the commander of the capital city Roy Cai. His military squadron, the iron core, are all proficient users of metal powers and use them exclusively. As well as all members of the squadron have black iron weapons. He is thought to be the reincarnation of the war god Wolfram.

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Equipment Edit

Iron Rod Edit

Fraxis carries a large iron rod with him for quick access to a source of metal.

Black Iron Hammer Edit

Fraxis possesses a finely made Black Iron hammer, with a long shaft and an intricate head. Though he has it, he rarely brings it with him, preferring to use his own abilities.

Abilities Edit

Metal Manipulation Edit

Fraxis is an extremely proficient user of metal, performing high skill level techniques with relative ease

Molten Manipulation Edit

Fraxis is able to combine his earth and fire affinities to create molten substances. A testament to his skill, he can utilize this ability even further by combining it with his metal manipulation. Fraxis utilizes both his metal and molten manipulation in unison in order to shape anything he would need out of metal.

Techniques Edit

  • Metal Cloning - Fraxis creates clones of himself made from metal.
  • Binding: Iron Casket - Fraxis, typically after having two of his clones hold onto an enemy, causes the clones to melt and form over his opponent. This is a rather powerful binding technique that not many have escaped from.
  • Ironform: Balista Harpoon - Fraxis creates out of metal a large bow along with a large arrow. The arrow is attached to the bow by a thick wire. Fraxis can fire this arrow with extreme speed and power, as well as reel it back in when it hits its target.
  • Metallic Dome - Fraxis can create a large dome of metal to protect from attacks. He can open the dome to allow people to fire from within or enter with ease if he allows.
  • Divine Invocation: Wolframic Blade - One of Fraxis' most powerful moves and the one he used to prove that he was the incarnation of Wolfram. Fraxis first draws the insignia of Wolfram on the ground using metal, it then begins to melt and from the molten metal he pulls a massive blade that can cause devastating destruction.
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