Lotson is a former member of the elite Nemari warriors that possess a Gate Flower. He himself is in possession of Ghost Orchid, although he defected from Nemari and is actively pursued by bounty hunters sent by Nemari since each Gate Flower is considered a national treasure.

Appearance Edit

Lotson has white thin dreadlocks down to his shoulders that are adorned with silver clasps. He will usually wear his hear in a ponytail when he fights but does like to wear it down as well. He has white eyes and lightly tanned skin. He wears a slightly off-white shirt with the symbol for Ghost Orchid on it. On his left arm he wears black heavy leather armor up to the shoulder and completely covering his hand. On his right arm he wears medium pale dark blue leather armor from his shoulder to his wrist. He has red decorative cloth wrapped around various parts of his right arm as well. He wears pale dark blue leather pants with brown boots and a black wrap around his waist. He has a twisted red cloth belt as well.

History Edit

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Abilities Edit

Ghost Orchid Edit

Lotson is is possession of Ghost Orchid, one of the Gate Flowers of Nemari. The Ghost Orchid uses a unique mixture of the potential, light, and air affinities to enable Lotson to make any part of his body passable, like a ghost. When something is made passable, it turns smokey white and flows with smoke that drips off in the loose shape of petals. the color of this magic is a pale white with small traces of light purple.

Light Manipulation Edit

The Gate Flowers are extremely difficult to master, so initially Lotson had not trained his light affinity very well. He is able to do simple things like put a light on the end of his finger in order to light dark places and things like that. Later her can do slightly higher level light techniques. His light affinity takes on the same color as the Ghost Orchid.

Techniques Edit

  • Ghost Orchid: Ghost Body - This is the main ability of Ghost Orchid which allows Lotson to make his body passable.
  • Ghost Orchid: Spirit - This is the unique ability of Ghost Orchid. When activated, Lotson becomes completely invisible. His physical form and magical trace disappears while he can keep the ability active. This drains his energy reserves and puts a heavy toll on his body, as it makes it hard for him to use his normal art of becoming passable after prolonged use.
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