Lubumlamba is the current Babalaye of upper Mangori. Many have nicknamed him Lum.

Lum is a fun-loving enwe who loves jokes and eating well. While he may seem boisterous, he can be very serious during dire situation.

Appearance Edit

Lubumlamba wears a bright yellow jumpsuit, and leaves his hands and feet unclothed. He is a large enwe that resembles a gorilla, with slate/charcoal fur and brown eyes.

History Edit

Lum was integral in ending the Mangor-Enwe war after his son was killed in battle and he re-assumed the throne.

Equipment Edit

Thousand-Meter Pole Edit

Lum is in possession of the Thousand-Meter Pole, a pole that is capable of stretching extremely far distances. He keeps it in his body and can pull it our of his mouth. He can also fire it from his mouth.

Abilities Edit

Corrosion Magic Edit

Lum has manifested his water affinity into a powerful acidic magic. He is able to break down both physical and energy objects simply by touching them. He combines this with his close combat proficiency to become a formidable opponent.

Techniques Edit

  • Corrosive Palm - Lum concentrates his magic to his hands and feet, allowing them to dissolve whatever he touches.
  • Acid Bomb - Lum can create a ball of magic in his hand and throw it, disintegrating everything in a small area of where the ball makes contact.
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