Luton is a member of Goren Vagri's personal guard.

Appearance Edit

Luton is a skinny and short elf. He has messy brown hair and bright green eyes. He wears faded jeans and a light green long sleeve t-shirt

History Edit

Originally from the Iris Islands, Luton's life has been consumed by fear. He is afraid of nearly everything, even the sun. Goren has convinced Luton that only he can protect the elf, and has therefore won Luton's unwavering loyalty.

Equipment Edit

Abilities Edit

Paradise Box Edit

Luton is able to create a large ornate box that, while visible in this dimension, exists in a completely different dimension. He is able to trap people in the box and keep them there as long as he has energy. He is also able to alter the speed of time in box, making it seem like an instant on the outside is an eternity in the box and vice versa.

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