Lyra is the second in command of the prestigious Calibur One, serving under Hamwick Jurdan.

Appearance Edit

Lyra has bright blue eyes framed by long black hair, which she usually wears in a large bun with bangs, with some longer strands of hair on either side of the bangs. She wears the Calibur One outfit, consisting of a stiff light grey long coat and light grey thigh-high boots, with a royal blue long sleeve undershirt. She also wears a couple necklaces.

History Edit

Lyra was passed down the Vampira Body Modification along with her twin brother, Cerc, though it is not well understood why he inherited the ability to use the technique as well.

When not working, Lyra investigates into the disappearance of her older cousin, Alethea, who had been kidnapped some years ago. Lyra believes she was kidnapped due to her advanced skill in using the vampira body modification, but no trace of her has even been found as well as no evidence that would support that theory.

Equipment Edit

Abilities Edit

Gale Manipulation Edit

Lyra has learned the mandatory signature manipulation of Calibur One, gale manipulation. She utilizes this art as a powerful enhancer technique.

Lightning Manipulation Edit

Lyra is powerful user of lightning manipulation, creating powerful beams of lightning that can break through nearly any obstacle. Being most expert in the field of enhancer arts, she is largely unable to utilize her lightning in any other way besides concentrating it into a high-speed bolt. Her lightning is pale yellow in color.

Blood Manipulation Edit

Lyra has developed her water affinity into blood manipulation, which she mainly uses as an enhancer style technique.

Body Modification: Vampira Edit

The vampira form gives the user increased physical strength, speed, and endurance. It's most known ability of this form is that it allows for the user to power up their own attacks using the blood of others, with the attacks being powered up even more when more different people's blood is used. This secret body modification technique is passed down through the female line of Lyra's family.

In her vampira form her skin turns white and black cracks appear around her eyes stretching towards the sides of her face. Her blue eyes turn red and her black hair turns silver.

Techniques Edit

  • Hyperstrike - An advanced technique where Lyra concentrates her lightning into a high-speed bolt, further enhancing it with her gale manipulation to make it even faster and more powerful. The technique fires of as a thin, pale yellow line of lightning surrounded in compressed air that can fire extremely far, creating shock waves as it goes and typically destroys anything in its path.
  • Blood Enhancer: Minor Mendings - A technique that Lyra developed to prolong her endurance in combat. The advanced enhancing technique enhancers her own blood, causing it to immediately rush to any created wounds and heal at an accelerated rate. While this technique is not very effective against critical wounds, it can heal all sorts of blunt damage, small scratches, even small amounts of organ repair almost instantly. Using this technique, Lyra has been known to last hours in battle, and is well known throughout the country for her prowess in hand to hand combat.
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