​Lystra was one of the five children from Hariko village that survived Ryazans raid. She has since become a powerful practitioner of arts and has become renowned for her raw power on the battlefield.

Appearance Edit

Lystra is very tall, yet slim. She has long, dark brown hair that reaches to the middle of her back. She wears a loose short sleeve t-shirt that has white and blue stripes on it, with the front of the shirt tucked into light blue jean shorts, and white sneakers. She has two small pearls embedded in her chest, one is between her collar bones directly at the base of her neck and the other is about an inch below it.

When invoking her beast possession, Lystra gains a long finned tail and dragon horns and parts of her skin becomes scaly and her hands and forearms turn dragon-like. Her horns, tail, and arms all are a greenish, sea blue.

History Edit

Obtaining the Blessing of Nydry Edit

After her training from the Cerule in deep lake, Lystra traveled far to seek more power in order to defeat Ryazan. She found her way to Marrow, looking for powerful practitioners of the water affinity to further her education. She made her way first to Elder, the capital, where she attempted to petition Matriarch Kaneera, for knowledge of powerful water arts. Kaneera, not very trusting of humans, refused to help her, but told her that some of the Sassagira are specialists in the water affinity if she wanted to look for more help.

Lystra traveled from Elder to Restoria, the Sassagiran capital, where she told her story again and was again turned down due to her being a human. Before she left, she was approached by one of the elders on the council that denied her access to being taught. The elder was an old woman who was the only one that voted in favor of Lystra being taught. She told Lystra that the Sassagiran champion, who was blessed by Nydry, a water dragon still living on this plane, had recently been killed in one of Ryazan's raids.

Ryazan had been raiding small remote islands belonging to the Sassagira out in the serpent sea. The Sassagiran champion, who is blessed with powerful water techniques by the dragon Nydry. Had been protecting the islands until a hybrid by the name of Gemini, a servant of Ryazan's 9th Lock Europa had come along and defeated them in battle. Lystra was to protect these outlying islands from the raids, as they had become almost a monthly event. She stayed within Marrow for months, continually protecting from small raids. Then one day Gemini was sent again to the islands. Lystra defeated the servant, which gained the trust of the Sassagirans and they told her the location of the Coral Caves, Nydry's domain.

The only land entrance is located on a remote tiny island in the Serpent Sea. Within the Coral Caves she met Nydry, a powerful dragon labeled as one of the Exalted. She petitioned Nydry to be her champion and, after hearing her story, the dragon agreed. She returned to Marrow where she stayed the Sassagiran champion in case the raids ever began again, until she was called back to her home country for the war.

Abilities Edit

Water Enhancer Edit

Having special training from the Cerule at a young age, Lystra is adept in her use of the water affinity. She practiced mostly in enhancer style techniques that allowed her to create powerful attacks by using strong jets of pressurized water. Lystra's techniques are created using highly pressurized water formed into thin, elegant streams. This style requires that she maintains a high amount of control over her art, which she has achieved due to her special training in Hariko.

Nydry, The Coral Mother Edit

Lystra, being possessed by Nydry, is able to access some of the dragons great powers. She is able to fully invoke her possession to gain an amazing boost in battle.

Techniques Edit

  • Water Enhance: Hydraulic Blade - Lystra creates a blade on his arms made from quickly moving, pressurized water that can slice through nearly any substance. She has been able to cut cleanly through an entire tree with this technique.
  • Water Enhance: Hydrojets - Lystra is able to shoot a concentrated jet of water from parts of her body in order to enhance her physical abilities.
    • Hydojet Skates - Jets of water shoot from the backs of Lystra's calves and ankles, allowing her to move extremely fast around the battlefield.
    • Hydrojet Fists - A jet of water shoots from Lystra's elbow as he is throwing a punch, drastically increasing the speed and power of that hit.
  • Coral Scythe - When invoking Nydry, Lystra is able to grow red coral on her tail in the shape of a large scythe. This brutal weapon is able to cause devastating damage.
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