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​Lystra was one of the five children from Hariko village that survived Ryazan's raid. She has since become a powerful practitioner of arts and has become renowned for her raw power on the battlefield. Lystra has a deep hatred for Ryazan and hybrids due her past, and is constantly searching for power as she has vowed to never be weak and helpless again.


Lystra is very tall, yet slim. She has long, dark brown hair that reaches to the middle of her back. She wears a loose short sleeve t-shirt that has white and blue stripes on it, with the front of the shirt tucked into light blue jean shorts, and white sneakers. She has two small pearls embedded in her chest, one is between her collar bones directly at the base of her neck and the other is about an inch below it.


When Lystra was a child living in Sirisia, her home village of Hariko was destroyed in a raid by Ryazan. At the time of the raid she and 4 other children were away from the village undergoing arts training from their mentor Harvel Hariko. Left stranded, the 5 orphans were adopted by Harvel and they all moved to the town of Lifast in order to start a new life. While Harvel continued to train the 5 now siblings in the manipulation of their energy, his refusal to teach them combative techniques increasingly aggravated Lystra over the years. Deeply affected by the traumatic events of her past, Lystra vowed to gain the strength to kill Ryazan and take revenge. Even as she continued training under Harvel and attending school, Lystra spent much of her free time looking for books or any material on combative water arts. Noticing her affinity for enhancer style techniques,

Eventually, Lystra announced the her family that she was leaving in order to become stronger. Harvel gave her a tip about remote islands in the serpent sea where the elves that lived there had a much higher density of arts users and that they almost all had the water affinity. In order to travel to them, Lystra first sailed from Lifast to Restoria, then from Restoria to the islands. While she was there, the archipelago was attacked by hybrids, who were ordered to capture as many of the citizens there as possible for his research. Lystra was successfully able to defend the islands from the hybrid raids, until Gemini appeared in one of the raids. Gemini was nearly too powerful for Lystra, and many of the islanders were successfully captured, although the hybrid was badly damaged. Lystra nearly lost her life in that battle, and was taken by the islanders to a place sacred to them: a small cove filled with vibrant corals on a secluded part of one of the islands. It is here that Lystra met Nydry, the Coral mother, an exalted that protects a liminal gate to Vanaril. Nydry resides in the coral caves: vibrant, underwater caves that also reside as a liminal gate to Vanaril, specifically the domain of The Reef, a powerful legendary creature that is composed of many different corals coexisting in a single-minded community. Having proved herself to the dragon through her attempts to protect the islands, Nydry nursed Lystra back to health and offered to make her more powerful.


Water Enhancer[]

Having special training from Harvel Hariko at a young age, Lystra maintains a high level of control over the manipulation of her own energy, which carries over to her adept use of the water affinity. She practices mostly in enhancer style techniques that allow her to create powerful attacks by using strong jets of pressurized water. Lystra's techniques are created using highly pressurized water formed into thin, elegant streams. This style requires that she maintains a high amount of control over her art, which she has achieved due to her special training in Hariko.

The Reef[]

The Reef is a powerful legendary creature that resides in Vanaril and is composed of a harmonious community of various corals. Lystra, when possessed by the Reef, has access to all these corals and their various abilities. Due to Nydry's anthem which fostered a special sort of connection between Lystra and the Reef, Lystra is able to essentially instantaneously partially possess any part of her body, allowing her to sprout various corals from anywhere on her body both for combat and utility. While extremely versatile, the Reef is somewhat lacking in energy reserves and therefore cannot provide much to Lystra, as it is a perfectly balanced community and even regulates its energy to minimize excess.


  • Water Enhance: Hydraulic Blade - Lystra creates a blade on her arms made from quickly moving, pressurized water that can slice through very hard substances. She has been able to cut cleanly through an entire tree and steel beams with this technique.
  • Water Enhance: Hydrojets - Lystra is able to shoot a concentrated jet of water from parts of her body in order to enhance her physical abilities.
    • Hydojet Skates - Jets of water shoot from the backs of Lystra's calves and ankles, allowing her to move extremely fast around the battlefield.
    • Hydrojet Fists - A jet of water shoots from Lystra's elbow as he is throwing a punch, drastically increasing the speed and power of that hit.
  • ? Coral - This coral forms highly pressurized bubbles within its hollow, tube-like frame. Lystra is able
    • Reef Jets - Growing this coral from the back of her calves, Lystra applies her hydrojet enhancement to the high pressure bubles built up inside, allowing her a huge increase in mobility and even giving her the ability to basically fly. Although, the flight consists more of constant hovering with jet-boosted dashes to one spot or another. When Lystra actually flies for prolonged periods of time, she forms more jets on her body for further speed/stabilization. However, travel like this is extremely tiring and takes a large toll on her energy reserves.
    • Bubble Cannon - Lystra raises her arm horizontally across her body and sprouts this coral all across it, then proceeds to fire the high pressure bubbles at her opponents, constantly applying a hydrojet enhancement to increase the velocity of her bullets. These bubbles create small shockwave explosions on impact, denting metal and creating small craters in the ground.
  • ? Coral - This Coral is extremely durable, which Lystra is able to use as armor for defense or even drive it in the ground to withstand attacks. This coral is able to quickly branch up to a few meters from her body, allowing to even protect those around her
  • Coral Diver - Lystra is able to grow coral over her mouth and nose that converts sunlight into oxygen and allows her to breath underwater. When there is little or no sunlight, Lystra can flow her own energy through the coral to produce oxygen.