Mago Mortem is a broker that works for Bellaxandor Mink's organization. He is very talented and will commonly be able to speak to and work with Bellaxandor himself.

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History Edit

Mago was a part of the Iron Core in the Roy Kai before he went to the underworld. He was skilled enough with metal manipulation to be regarded highly by his superiors, but He left when people started to become suspicious of him for hording black iron weapons. He secretly developed his lightning affinity outside the military and eventually was able to become a key asset in the dark organization created by Bellaxandor Mink, one of the Black Three.

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Technology Manipulation Edit

Mago has a unique combination of two second form affinities, static from his lightning affinity and metal from his earth affinity. He is able to create various electrical machines as well as hack into most electrical or technological security systems.

Techniques Edit

  • Configure - This is Mago's ability to create electrical machines, such as computers and devices. He can use these machines for practically any purpose.
  • Rod - Mago creates rods of metal resembling batons and electrifies them. He usually uses two of these for combat.
  • Fist - Mago covers his fists in metal and then electrifies them.
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