Mariana is the youngest child in the Veritas family, and is currently travelling with her brothers Sonrel and Heren to avenge their mother's death. She is occasionally called Sapphire by her brothers, due to her blue flames.

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Fire Manipulation Edit

Mariana is able to manipulate blue flames, an indication of her skill in the use of her affinity.

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  • Sapphire Birds - Mariana can create birds out of her blue flames. While beautiful, they are powerful weapons that she can use to bombard an opponent. Before her death, Mariana's mother used to love watching the birds flutter around.
  • Perennial - Mariana's strongest technique, which she developed after her mother died. Mariana focuses her magical energy, and the air around her begins to heat. Suddenly, a field of vibrantly blue flowers made of flame bloom around her in a large field. The petals of these flowers then rise into the air around her as if carried by a breeze. They then begin to come together to form a large blast of blue flame that Mariana can direct and even redirect where she wants.
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