Mass Fleet is a notorious criminal who had escaped from Moon Town. He held the title as Foxin Champion for years and started killing his opponents in non-kill fights due to apparent insanity. He is the only known person to escape from Moon Town.

Appearance Edit

Mass has medium length messy white hair and white eyes. He has a tattoo of a cross that goes from his chin to his waist and from his wrist across his chest to his other wrist. He wears no shirt and baggy dull orange pants with various cloths around his waist.

History Edit

Equipment Edit

Abilities Edit

Light Manipulation Edit

Mass is an extremely proficient light user. He is able to manipulate ambient light in the atmosphere, greatly reducing the amount of energy he uses for his techniques.

Techniques Edit

  • Bending Light - Mass manipulates ambient light into a rough whip shape. He can attack with it and use it to parry blows. This is his main form of fighting.
  • Mind's Light - Mass uses his bending light to wrap around someone's neck, inhibiting their cognitive processes. They can still perform all necessary living functions such as breath, but are highly suggestible and cannot continue a train of thought.
  • Wheel of the Heavens - Mass creates multiple bending light weapons behind him in a wheel and uses them to attack. These bending light weapons are much larger than the ones he normally uses.
  • Heaven Lancer - Mass holds his hand out in front of him, facing the target. He concentrates light particles around the target and then clenches his fist, making spears of light pierce the target.
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