Maxin is a member of the Saint's Guard in Viridian. He isn't very fond of fighting and received a special offer to join the Saint's Guard without going through the normal military ranks because of his rare art and unique skill.

Appearance Edit

History Edit

Maxin is not a fighter by trade. He wasn't trained to fight until after he joined the Saint's Guard. He is a tinkerer and is incredibly smart. He has developed his art and technology in ways that vastly benefit the country, hence why he was a special case taken in by the Saint's Guard.

Equipment Edit

Local Light Receiver Edit

Maxin has a device that can collect data from the techniques he uses. This device can display the information gathered from his techniques as 3D holographic models.

Local Light Emitter Edit

A very small device that Maxin incorporates into his techniques, this allows him to record and transmit the data collected from his techniques.

Energy-Conducting Rifle Edit

Maxin sometimes carries an energy rifle with him that is capable of conducting his art. He does not like to carry one because he feels that the way in which he uses one is too akin to an assassin.

Abilities Edit

Laser Art Edit

Maxin is able to create and manipulate lasers. He mainly focuses on spacial techniques and uses his art in a very supportive way. He can also use his art to apply devastating blows to targets.

Techniques Edit

  • Laser Ground Survey - Maxin creates a ball of his laser art and sends it to a designated location. The ball then begins to emit a beam and spin, copying the information it receives on the landscape.
  • Light Camera - A technique similar to laser ground survey, except the laser mass fires millions of invisible beams at an object and record the light that bounces back. This technique is better than a normal camera because Maxin is able to zoom in on the most minute detail with crystal clear imagery.
  • Beam Cannon - This is a technique where Maxim charges a laser in the palm of his hand and fires it forward. This laser has enough heat to melt through metal and reaches its target almost instantly.
  • Light Inspection - Maxim uses UV light lasers in order to inspect places, looking for clues that are hidden to the naked eye. He also uses this technique to disinfect surfaces since he is a germaphobe.
  • Laser Pigment Array - Maxim creates an array of strong lasers that go in every direction around a target. These lasers burn on contact and are an effective way of either keeping something in or keeping something out.
  • Laser Reaper - Maxin creates an ultra-concentrated laser and primes it to fire. When released, a very thin beam is emitted. It is extremely difficult to detect this laser and it is very effective at killing. This laser can shoot through most materials but leaves very little evidence of it being there. This technique is hard to charge and control, so Maxin usually uses an energy-conducting rifle in order to help him.
  • Laser Light Dispersal - Maxin can emit lasers of varying wavelengths within an area, disorienting the target.
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