Mbori is a relatively flat country, with little elevation change. The country is ruled by the Ojara, a species of elves that migrated to the continent in ancient times. The Ojara typically make their homes in the arid north, with their capital, Lanitra, being located among the high stones of the idyllic Stonepillar Desert.

Geography Edit

Mbori is mainly split into two different geographical regions, the arid north and the more verdant south. The north of the country is largely taken up by the stonepillar desert, while the southern reaches have lush valleys and forests.

The Stonepillar Desert Edit

The Stonepillar Desert is a large, arid desert that encompasses the northern half of Mbori. The desert is very flat, with large pillars made of stone rising from the dense sand.

The Moseng Crystal Edit

Within the Center of the desert, just south of the capital of Lanitra, is the breathtaking Moseng Crystal. The Moseng is a gigantic crystal rising from a clearing in the pillars. The crystal is a dusty white and is large enough to be seen from most places within the desert. The crystal has innate magical abilities, and is extremely difficult to mine.

Cities Edit

Lanitra Edit

The capital city of Mbori, Lanitra is a city that sits among the high precipices of the Stonepillar Desert.

Roshapa Edit

Roshapa is a rather large port town located on Mbori's southern coast. It is a major trading port for the country, and is also where the Ojara believe they first landed in ancient times.

History Edit

Culture Edit

Stonecullers Edit

Stonecullers are highly specialized shamans within the Ojaran culture. They take many years to practice special techniques and rituals that allow them to chip small pieces from the Moseng Crystal. These small crystals are usually used to create jewelry for the most prestigious Ojarans or the most powerful warriors. The jewelry is said to imbue the wearer with magical protection.

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