Megalo Mar is a Viridian royal from House Mar. He first joined the Viridian military when he was of age, but left and became an aspiring scientist, making useful discoveries for Viridian at the prestigious Hercalo Institute. After the events of the Sirisian war he left the Hercalo Institute and rejoined the military, quickly rising in rank and becoming part of the Saints Guard. Later in life, he creates his own scientific program in Miracle City called the Life Initiative, where he researches ways to fix the food shortage in the city.

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Megalo is said to be blessed by the Western Black Bear of Spring, a mythical beast that is said to have created every tree in existence. This possession allows him to create as well as manipulate the genetic structure of wood, mutating it. This allows him to do various things like create wood with innate healing properties or wood that has the hardness of steel. The color of Megalo's wood art is a natural grey. The most known and possibly most powerful ability gained by this possession is Territory Wood, which allows Megalo to turn almost anything into wood just by touching it.

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Being from a royal family, Megalo received good training since he was a child. He constantly trained with his brother Mugen since they both have the water affinity.

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  • Healing Wood - Megalo creates a small tree in the palm of his hand that grows leaves. He them picks the leaves off and smashes them, rubbing the pulp onto cuts that provide an immediate healing effect.
  • Wood Wall - Megalo creates a wall of wood that is modified to have the hardness of steel. Wood emerges from the ground and protects the area that Megalo selects.
  • Territory Wood - This is Megalo's ability to turn anything into wood just by touching it. He must have the full surface area of his hand come in contact with the object in order to turn it into wood. Anything with some type of energy resistance is hard for him to turn into wood and usually takes longer.
  • Wooden Needles - Megalo creates small wooden needles that rapidly expand after being thrown.
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