Mikel Lunahara is a member of the Saint's Guard in Viridian. His father is Archangel Leo and his mother is a Viridi commoner.

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Mikel is the son of Archangel Leo. Though the Viridi people know that angels and archangels exist, it is very rare that one is seen, and it is especially rare that one interacts with humans. Being the son of an archangel, Mikel has a very high energy reserve level. He inherited his father's art and rose through the military in order to become a member of the Saint's Guard.

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Divine Spirit Art Edit

The divine spirit art is a form of the spirit sage art. Unlike its predecessor, the divine spirit art is a spatial art. Mikel uses this art primarily for defense and wide area attacks, though he can use more focused techniques.

Techniques Edit

  • Angel Wings - Mikel creates large, long angel wings out of his art and surrounds an area with them. This is a defensive technique meant to keep attacks out and protect whatever is inside.
  • Divine Stakes - Mikel can cause long thin stakes to rise from the ground, attempting to pierce his target. The farther the target is from him, the longer it takes the stakes to erupt.
  • Spirit Wave - Mikel sends out waves of energy by using specific hand motions. He can change the size and angle of the wave mid flight.
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