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Minic Anderosa is an Ankor from the Great City Antillion in Olirion. He currently resides in Tababrin with the Faran Order, a secret group of people who are able to harness the natural energy present within the world.


Minic is blind in both eyes.



Minic was the one who taught Raiken Hariko how to use his faran powers. He taught used many trials in order to teach him, causing Raiken to rely on senses other than the ones he is used to using. He taught him how to sense natural energy within the world and how to harness the flow of that energy as well.



Black Sand Manipulation[]

Minic uses black sand in order to fight. His sand is more akin to the black sand found in placer deposits rather than that of volcanic sand beaches. He is very skilled with the use of his affinity and uses large, flowing, powerful techniques that he uses in order to overwhelm the enemy.


Minic is a Faran of the Mountains. He is able to harness the natural energy of mountains in order to create devastating techniques. He is able to use his elemental reversion, in which he gains a white shine to his eyes and light grey lines appear throughout his skin.


  • Black Sand Tornado - Minic creates a large amount of sand that spins like a tornado, destroying anything in its path.
  • Black Sand Dune - Minic creates a large wave of sand, crashing it onto the opponent
  • Black Sand Sarcophagus - Minic creates a large sphere of sand around an opponent or an area, trapping whatever is inside.
  • Black Sand Museum - Minic generates a large amount of sand, shaping it into a giant maze-like structure that sucks the moisture from anything within it. Within this structure, the opponent is trapped and surrounded by skeletons. Sand mimicries of Minic attack the target and if killed, the target is added to the Museums collection.
  • Split Mountain Grasp - while in his faran state, Minic can create two halves of a mountain on either side of the target and then bring them together, crushing the target.
  • Mountain Tomb - while in his faran state, Minic can completely disassemble a mountain into dust and reasssemble it around an apponent, creating an extremely powerful binding.