Mons Auguste is the current head of House Auguste and a former military general. He is known for his serious demeanor and even after military retirement is feared for his powerful art.

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Oracle Art Edit

Mons has a high level variation of the light affinity known as the Oracle Art. This art gives him vast and acute control over ambient light particles and is effective as long as he is not in complete darkness.

Light Gas Body Modification Edit

Through some unknown body modification technique, Mons gained the ability to rapidly generate skin cells and fuse his skin cells with energy and produce a gas. Since the gas is charged with his energy, Mons can mix his light affinity into the gas, creating what has come to be known as light gas. The gas radiates light, and being mixed with his affinity he can control the gas as well. By fusing his light into the body modification over a long period of time, he has built up a strong resistance to the light affinity as well.

Techniques Edit

  • Light of Prophecy - This is a technique that makes use of ambient light particles around a target. These light particles can "relay" information back to Mons, allowing for him to accurately predict the movements of his opponent, no matter how small. This allows Mons to react and counter almost anything, even attacks he can't sense through normal methods.
  • Light Threading - Mons can manipulate ambient light particles into threads of light. He can use this to manifest threads already around his target, instead of having to send or throw the thread first.
  • Illumination of the World of Light - Mons is able to use ambient light to restructure the environment with illusions. These illusions can cover vast distances and there is no way to distinguish an illusion besides the fact that there is no physical form.
  • Light Gas Spread - Mons emits a large amount of light gas from his body and spreads it over an area. This illuminates the area and allows him to use his oracle art in pitch darkness.
  • Light Gas Camouflage - Mons disperses his light gas in an area around him, dispersing his energy signature and making it more difficult to locate/detect him.
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