Uro is blessed by garden and has received the gate flower Cold Bloom. He currently wanders around Nemari, as he likes the solitude of travelling alone

Appearance Edit

Morabe has tan skin and wears his long black hair in a ponytail under a straw hat. He wears a light blue kimono-style robe that has swirled patters all over it and is trimmed with white cloth. The kimono is tied at the waist with a light green belt. He wears wooden sandals and his fingers and toes are painted a bluish green color.

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Cold Bloom Edit

Morabe was blessed with Cold Bloom, which allows him to control freezing winds. While he can use the freezing winds freely by himself, he can use the lilypad-like leaves of the Cold Bloom plant to increase their strength.

Techniques Edit

  • Cold Bloom: Lily Boat - Morabe can use a lily pad to fly around in the air.
  • Cold Bloom: Freezing Gale - Morabe can send slashes of wind that freeze whatever they touch on impact. This technique can be strengthened if he uses a lily pad.
  • Cold Bloom: Lily Forest - Morabe can cause multiple tall lilys to rise from the ground, which then begin to form icicles that shoot towards the enemy.
  • Cold Bloom: Hellheim - This is the unique ability of the Cold Bloom. Morabe must remain still in order to activate this ability. In order to activate this technique, Morabe must concentrate a large amount of energy into his palms. If he loses focus while charging this ability he must restart. Once a sufficient amount of energy is charged, he can release it into the air. This art drastically lowers the temperature of the surrounding area and creates what appears to be snow but is actually small petals made of ice. This creates severe weather conditions that limits the vision of the opponent and also allows for Morabe to control the petal snow with a lily pad. It is said that no one has ever escaped from this petal blizzard.
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