Moto is a native to Mangori and is the aid to Babalaye Lubumlamba Bokobumbashi.

Appearance Edit

Moto is a somewhat small enwe, and very thin. He resembles a chimpanzee, with dark brown fur and grey eyes. He has very neatly groomed hair and his cheek fur slightly spirals off of his face. He wears a light blue high collard shirt and grey pants; He wears no shoes.

Moto is a very serious person, and keeps himself as well as anything he owns immaculately clean. It angers him when people are needlessly dirty.

History Edit

Equipment Edit

Abilities Edit

Psyonic Art Edit

Moto has an interesting manifestation of the potential affinity that allows him various psychic abilities.

Adept Energy Perception Edit

Moto is extremely adept at sensing and locating energy, even in those who try to hide theirs.

Techniques Edit

  • Telekinesis - Moto is able to lift objects with his mind. The heavier the object the more effort he needs to put into it. He also uses this ability as a sort of barrier, stopping objects in mid air before they touch him.
  • Telepathy - Moto is able to talk to people through telepathy, which he often uses to scold Lum for doing something stupid.
  • Telescopic Sight - Moto is able to utilize his psychic abilities to enhance his vision to see extremely far distances.
  • Geographic Psychometry - Moto is able to gain residual information from the land around him. The amount of energy that this technique takes is dependent on the type of information that Moto wishes to gather. He can gather information on how many people have been passing through an area as well as their general power levels. He can gather information on if a battle took place recently or if arts were recently used in an area. After being with someone for a long time, Moto can remember there "energy signature" and effectively track them using this technique. Some information he can gather quickly, but some information takes time and energy for him to gather, requiring him to meditate in an area.
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