Mutara Ennan is the Princess of the Cerule, the aquatic denizens of Deep Lake. She is a graceful princess that is ready to take on the role of leading her people. She is a Ludra, meaning that she has both lungs and gills and can speak languages that those on land speak.

Appearance Edit

Mutara is said to be one of the most beautiful Cerule. She, like many Cerule, has matching skin and eye colors. Her skin is a faded greenish blue, as well as her eyes.

History Edit

Equipment Edit

Abilities Edit

Water Manipulation Edit

Being a Cerule, Mutara as amazing control over water and, even among her people, she is very adept at using her abilities.

Healing Abilities Edit

Mutara is said to be a "Shenma" or "Grand Healer". She has amazing healing abilities that only occurs once every few generations within the Cerule. When using these abilities, Mutara's water has a faint glow and almost a faint whispering ring.

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