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​Myrin is a human that was raised by elves. He lived in the village of Dafaren in Lustana. He is young warrior and is very strong. He is a part of a group known as the Dafaren Rangers, who are among the most elite in Dafaren, with some of their members competing for strongest in Lustana.


Myrin has dark hair and dark green eyes. He wears the standard Dafaren Ranger armor, worn by those who have achieved the feat of becoming one of the elite within Dafaren. On top of this, Myrin wears a red scarf that was given to him by his adopted father.



Abilities []

Spirit Sage Magic[]

Myrin's power is a mystical super livid energy made from his light affinity. He usually uses his magic to wrap either his weapon or his hands/feet in order to increase his physical prowess. He can utilize his magic for things besides enhancement, such as with blast attacks. His magic has a minor healing property as well. This magic has an aquatic green look to it.


  • Spirit Sage - This is Myrin's main technique. He can use this to enhance his weapons and body parts with his magic.
  • Spirit Spring - This technique allows Myrin to heal small wounds with his magic. He concentrates the magic to his hand and places his hand on the wound.
  • Spirit Summer - This technique allows Myrin to fire his magic like a blast. When using a conduit to focus his magic, like his sword, the power of the blast attack is increased.
  • Spirit Fall - Myrin concentrates magic at his fingertips, allowing him to deliver devastating punches. When he hits something, a concussive blast along with magical discharge comes from his hands. He also has added range when using this move, because he can fire the concentrated magic like a shotgun. This is more draining than his normal enhancements.
  • Spirit Winter - One of Myrin's strongest abilities, this causes his magic to fall like snow from the sky. His eyes begin to glow the color of his magic when this technique is activated. The "light snow" is anti-enhancement magic, drastically weakening all physical attributes of those that come in contact with it and gives the affected something similar to radiation poisoning. He cannot control who this move targets as the snow is spread over a wide range, so he refuses to use this technique when someone he cares about is in close proximity.