Nafa is one of the six free cities on the Briejan peninsula, and is a member of the Briejan Union. The country was once a colony of Dagara, but eventually gained independence along with the other free cities. The country is a large producer of salt, due to its unique geography.

Geography Edit

Nafa is unique in that within its borders are three large salt flats: Aligalla, Salis, and Tegrun. The salt and minerals that come from the flats are the main export of the country and are the main reason Dagara colonized Nafa. These salt flats are very large and are shimmering white. When it rains they perfectly reflect the sky, this phenomenon is the reason that these flats are also referred to as Heaven's Gates.

The rest of Nafa is covered in somewhat dry, rugged terrain filled with hard grasses. The southern part of the country closer to Haizm supports forests. Not much of the land in Nafa is suitable for agriculture, so the rely in imports for their food.

Cities Edit

Potiri Edit

Potiri is the capital of Nafa and is said to be a beacon of elegant beauty. Potiri is largely a city of glass, with many of the iconic buildings being completely made of it. It lies on the Aligalla salt flat, the largest salt flat in Nafa.

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