Nemari is the largest of the six free cities. The country used to be a colony of Dagara, used as a mining colony for its mineral deposits. Nemari was extremely resistant to colonization and since independence they have nearly reverted to their cultural roots, tearing down remnants of the Dagaran colonial period.

Geography Edit

Nemari is covered in tall, dry grasses spread throughout rugged terrain with infertile rocky soil. The country has a vast wealth of minerals within the ground, and has many alien features like boulders made of natural iron alloys and sulfur pools.

Peyoban Edit

The Peyoban crater is where a large meteor landed in uninhabited terrain in Nemari. The meteor has since become a great source of income for the country, providing a unique export.

The Desecrate Coast Edit

The Desecrate Coast is the name for a section of shoreline that runs along part of northern Nemari. During colonial times Dagara had constructed many monuments along the coast. When independence was gained these monuments were torn down and left in ruin, as a sign that Nemari would actively fight its colonial past.

Cities Edit

Dagune Edit

Dagune is the capital of Nemari and is located near the countries border with Nafa, in the rugged mineral rich terrain.

History Edit

Culture Edit

Garden Edit

Garden is a god highly revered in Nemari. He is said to protect the Nemari lands and blesses those he deems worthy with sacred flowers. Babies born with his blessing will have a symbol of the flower on them. There are seven flowers that Garden may bless someone with, called the Gate Flowers relating to an old tale which told that Garden produced seven devastating flowers to keep devils out of his garden. The gate flowers are extremely difficult to master and Garden will only bestow a flower on those he deems worthy, so all 7 of the Gates might not be alive at the same time. The seven gate flowers are: Black Lotus, Goldenrose, Gladiolus, Ghost Orchid, Dragon Cress, Larkspur, and Cold Bloom.

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