Nemo is an intelligence agent working in the same unit as Ganus Mone. While not an inherently evil organization, their morals are questionable.

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Omago Edit

Omago is the beast possession that Nemo is bonded with. Omago is known as the Owl of the Clouds, and gives Nemo the Cloud Art.

Water Manipulation Edit

Nemo is able to manipulate water with her water affinity. She usually uses spatial techniques with her water.

Techniques Edit

  • Cloud Generation - Nemo can cause clouds to generate at any location she can see. She can also lave a cloud and still interact with it from a distance of 500 meters.
  • Cloud Rifle - Nemo fires a burst of clouds, which hurdles towards the target. This technique can be fired from any location where Nemo has generated clouds.
  • Owl of the Clouds - Nemo can create a dense cloud that she and others can ride on for transportation. This technique takes on the rough form of an owl.
  • Torrential Downpour - Nemo can cause it to start raining, except the rain droplets are as hard as steel and are capable of piercing the target.
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