Numengelion Dragun, known as Numen, is one of the four High Officers of Alabasta. Numen was given the title "The Infinite Flame". He is in charge of the aerial and intelligence division of the Alabastan military.

Appearance Edit

Numengelion has crystal blue eyes and pale red hair that is spiky and messy. He wears the High Officers armor, but is commonly seen taking the torso armor off because he complains "it's too hot". under his armor he wears a faded red long sleeve. He also wears seven gold studs in his right ear and a gold pendant earring in his left.

History Edit

Equipment Edit

Attaraxan Heart Edit

Like the other generals, Numen was deemed worthy by Attarax, one of the Five Priests, and pierced his heart to have it replaced by a clay one.

Abilities Edit

Boundless Fire Manipulation Edit

By mixing his light and fire affinities, Numen utilizes boundless fire which are flames that cannot be extinguished and do not burn out. His flames almost seem liquid in form, making it easier for him to shape it. His boundless fire is white in color with hints of light blue.

Techniques Edit

  • Boundless Whip - Numen flows his boundless fire from his hand, causing it to form into a rough whip shape. He can then swing the whip at a target, lighting everything it touches on fire.
  • Flame Veins - A technique where Numen covers the target in thin strands of his fire that resemble veins stretching across the body. He must touch a target to place them, but once placed he can activate them at his will, creating searing pain. He can make the veins go dormant where they will not inflict pain but are still visible.
  • Hegemon Mortar - Numen gathers a lot of his fire at his fingertip. He points his finger in the air depending on the trajectory needed for the distance his target is at and fires a large ball of his boundless fire that explodes into flames on impact.
  • Heat Seeker - Numen is able to use his ability to display heat signatures in his eyes, acting like thermal vision. His pupils look as if they are made of his boundless fire.
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