Olivine is a member of the Black World. She is notorious for her extreme skill as a poisons specialist, creating all kinds of horrible poisons and venoms in all forms. She is known to make some of the most dangerous compounds in existence, able to be used as weapons of war and assassination tools, giving her a global client base as well as considerable income.

She is seen as a powerful adversary with a large collection of poisons and venoms, and is said to give off the fearful energy of a large venomous creature, giving her the nickname "The Viper".

Appearance Edit

Olivine has somewhat of a small frame, and is rather short and skinny. She has tanned skin with black straight hair that is kept short above the shoulders with bangs. She has piercing green eyes as well as multiple ear piercings and a nose piercing. She wears a sleeveless orange hoodie with blue faded and stained jeans and black boots, as well as a gas mask occasionally.

History Edit

Olivine resides in the city of Arkala in Tababrin, which is where she was born. She has stayed in the city as she said she enjoys the juxtaposition of doing such deadly and evil work in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Equipment Edit

Energy Pistol Edit

Olivine keeps an energy pistol on her at all times for protection.

Dead Gas Canisters Edit

One of Olivines powerful poisons, this one is in a gas form and causes violent vomiting and bleeding as the poison tears through the body.

Cripple Venom Viles Edit

One of Olivines venoms that comes in the form of a liquid that needs to be injected into the body. The venom temporarily paralyzes the victim and is commonly bought by bounty hunters and assassins to coat their weapons and bullets with.

Disorientation Gas Canisters Edit

Releasing a gas that causes blurry vision and fatigue, Olivine uses these canisters to escape a sticky situation.

Abilities Edit

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