Current Magnate of Sirisia, Oris resides in the Sapphire Palace in Riverfront. Oris is a peculiar magnate in the respect of him not actually being able to control water, as all other magnates have been able to do.

Appearance Edit

Oris has medium length brown hair and a short brown beard. He wears the normal attire of a Sirisian magnate, a sapphire blue cotton shirt and pants inlaid with silver.

When at war, Oris typically just places a bulletproof vest over his shirt. The vest is black with the Sirisian crest inscribed in silver.

History Edit

Oris eventually dies while fighting Ryazan by getting his heart destroyed via Ryazan's Revenant's Grasp technique.

Equipment Edit

River Caller Edit

Oris is in possession of a strange orb from across the silver sea called the River Caller. The River Caller is made of luminescent blue crystals and is able to fragment and recombine and is surrounded by a bluish green aura when activated. Oris uses this orb to call fourth powerful streams of water that can be used for both offense and defense. During battle, The River Caller typically floats just behind Oris' left shoulder and responds to mental commands that he gives it, either shooting a jet of water so fast that it can pierce through an enemy, or releasing multiple streams of water to be thrown up in front of Oris as a shield. The River Caller also has a weapon form, it fragments to form pieces of a large trident connected by streams of water.

Abilities Edit

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