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Primordial Dawn is an advanced military battalion that fought in the Millenium war for the Tynar. They were recently released from a sealed state and plan to continue the military campaign they began in ancient times, conquering every corner of the world.


Former Members[]


Primordial Dawn is a group of powerful tynar soldiers that were formed in order to help the World State win the war against the tyrant Miros. Enix Myrtemer was a wise and powerful tynar who took in nine tynar children and trained them for years in order to win the Millenium War. He trained them to be able to use extremely powerful arts and thought of them as his own children. After the great betrayal by the World State, Enix sealed them away, with the exception of Pel. The tynar broke the seal and seek revenge for what the mortals did to Enix and the tynar race.