There are many races in the world of Heroes Legends. Below is a brief explanation of each.

Humans Edit

The most dominant race on every continent, Humans are normal people that may or may not have the capacity for magic. There are large human settlements in nearly every country in the world and the majority of world leaders are human.

Elves Edit

Elves live on both the continents of Valar and Glistan. They're mostly concentraed on Valar's Eastern coast as well as the southwestern coast of Glistan. Elves are one of the most diverse races, with individual ethnic groups that drastically differ in appearance.

  • Orcs, a distant relative of elves, are native to the Valarian country of Wrathmire. They live in mountainous climates and are usually pretty secluded from the rest of the world.

Ankor Edit

The Ankor are a humanoid race that migrated to Olirion in ancient times. They seem to resemble dragons and, while able to pass as humans, maintain some dragon-like characteristics.

Cerule Edit

The Cerule are the fish-like denizens of Deep Lake. They tend to have more human bodies, but maintain various aquatic features which vary from person to person.

Hybrids Edit

Hybrids are strange abominations created by Rhazan in his experiments in Grimm Shaww. The strange energy present in the silent forest allows Rhazan to create strange beings by modifying living creatures.


Ruins are banished souls who have escaped hell. While not human in nature, they take on human forms, the only noticeable different usually being their bright violet eyes.

Faran Edit

Faran are elementals that lived in ancient times.

Kura Edit

The Kura are raven-like humanoids that live in the Dejala canyon in Lejira.

Enwe Edit

The Enwe are a sentient race of anthropomorphic monkeys living in Mangori.

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