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Raiken Hariko is a native to Sirisia and one of the Hariko 5. He lived in Hariko village prior to its invasion, and set out to gain power in order to kill Ryazan to avenge his village.


Raiken has deep blue eyes and short-medium length, blond hair with minimal light blue streaks in the front. Raiken wears a long white high collard coat with a slate grey long sleeve turtleneck shirt beneath it. The coat has matte, light blue streaks on the ends. He wears beige/light brown pants and mid-length boots. The boots are a mix of grey, black, and brown.

When Invoking Frostbite, Raiken's hair becomes long and white, and his body becomes longer and thinner while his skin turns a pale purplish-grey. He gains icy blue glowing eyes with small white horns on his forehead and sharp teeth.


The Raid of Hariko Village​[]

When Raiken was a child, Hariko village was raided by Ryazan and many of the people living there were either captured or killed. The village was completely destroyed, the only survivors were Harvel Hariko and his five students, who were away from the village for a lesson. Harvel took in the 5 orphans, and they moved to Lifast where continued their training and lived together. When the Hariko 5 became adults and Harvel had taught them all he could, they split up to find other ways to become powerful enough to defeat Ryazan.

Journey to Lastris[]

Raiken went to the Gate of Alberose, in the city of Lastris, Stalor, in the hopes of becoming stronger. He managed to get admitted to The Pillar of the Black Moon's training grounds a month before the opening was predicted to happen. After training and being possessed by an ice demon named Frostbite, Raiken left Lastris instead of being inducted into the cult. This caused outrage within the cult and periodically Raiken comes into contact with bounty hunters who are contracted to capture him. Frostbite, once Raiken gained more complete control of him, told Raiken where to find a special sword with his namesake that would allow him to attain even more power.

Obtaining the Blade Frostbite[]

Raiken began to prepare to travel to the Northern Continent in order to retrieve the sword Frostbite, the complimentary weapon of his demonic possession. Raiken discovered that a Yusparian trading company was about to conduct an expedition to the Northern continent and was hiring guards. On his way to Yuspar, Raiken met Haruu Bastion, another traveler who had recently left his home. While some pirate attacks occurred during the trip, the group was able to sail to the Northern Continent with little damage done. Once there, Raiken traveled to The Vipers Fangs, two tall mountains located near Sastrus Bay. Once there, Raiken found the blade in icy caves close to the base of the mountain. The caves were infested with Icy Kobolds, small goblins notorious for stealing energy items. Once Raiken defeated the Kobolds, he obtained the sword.

The Invasion of Sirisia[]

Ryazan, once he built up a large enough army, invaded Sirisia and marched all the way to the gates of Riverfront. Delric at this point had gathered all of the Hariko orphans and together with Magnate Oris they had set up a defense. The siege of Riverfront lasted 10 days, and on the 10th day Ryazan finally appeared. All 5 orphans and Magnate Oris worked together to defeat Ryazan, but not before Ryazan removed and destroyed Oris' heart. Raiken then left to Tababrin to become stronger.

Mastery of the Water Affinity[]

As part of his training to become a faran, Haad suggests that Raiken attempts to master the water affinity by learning any variation of the base water art he can. She states that he needs a deeper understanding of water and what it can be if he wants to become a more proficient user. She teaches him the principles behind learning the blood and acid arts in an effort to strengthen his connection to his affinity by showing him different forms that the affinity can take. He later learns the basics of ink manipulation from Rekara Baleen after being introduced to her by Asura at the initiation of SIRA.


Frostbite (Sword)[]

Raiken is in possession of a halia class energy weapon forged by the demon Frostbite from his own soul and given the same name as its creator. The sword can elongate much farther than its normal reach and has the ability to freeze anything it touches, this freezing ability is so potent that Raiken cannot hold the sword without negative effects and must allow his arm to be possessed by frostbite to hold it. The sword it kept safe within Frostbite the demon's soul, where Raiken can materialize it whenever he chooses.

Quicksilver Rod[]

Raiken obtained the Quicksilver Rod when he gained All Things Begin. The rod is a long thin glistening silver pole that Raiken can to call to him, and it appears in his hand. The rod is in the shape of a rectangular prism, with long thin sides and flat ends. The rod has multiple intrinsic abilities, such as self multiplication and binding. While the abilities aren't necessarily offensive, Raiken can also throw the rod like a lance with powerful force.

White Crown[]

The white crown appears on Raiken's head after activating his All Things Begin art. The crown is an extremely powerful defensive technique that Raiken can control like an extra limb. The crown is able to deconstruct and reconstitute itself to fly around Raiken, blocking attacks by un-forming and partially reforming as the attacks come in, looking as if a white streak is zipping around his body blocking the attacks.


Water Manipulation[]

Raiken, being trained by the Harvel, is extremely adept at intricate control over water abilities. He is extremely proficient in shaping water into whatever he wants, intricately controlling the water in his techniques. Raiken prefers attacking from a distance, and will mostly form water into bows or dragons.

Frostbite (Possession)[]

Known as the Dreaded Demon of Winter, Frostbite is a powerful demon with deadly abilities. The demon grants Raiken command of his icy realm, being able to draw the ice from it and use it in battle. This demonic ice is special in that it is physical ice and not generated from energy, giving it certain advantages not normally available to practitioners of ice manipulation. Raiken is able to both partially and fully posses; in his full possession his skin becomes a greyish-pruple color and his hair becomes long and silvery grey, his body becomes long and slender as he hunches over. In this form Raiken gains increased speed and durability from both physical attacks and arts.

All Things Begin[]

A very powerful art that is one half of the Arts of Balance, with the other being All Things End. All things begin is an inherently defensive art and focuses around the mind. It derives its strength from the user's mind, and therefore Raiken continuously trains his mind in order to increase the power of this ability. The art provides both a glistening white crown and the Quicksilver Rod: the white crown is a defensive technique that breaks down and reforms itself to block incoming damage with extreme speed, while the Quicksilver Rod is a powerful binding rod that is able to be multiplied upon itself creating more and more rods. This art also bestows full knowledge of the archaic art of binding, allowing the wielder to preform the body binding. This art also becomes more powerful as he gets closer to Haruu, the holder of All Things End, as the resonance of their souls is greater.


Raiken obtains one of the powers of Theos, one of the Five Priests.


Raiken is the faran of clear waters, where he is able to draw power from water that is free from pollution. After he converges, Raiken gains light blue patters that run horizontally across his face. He has shown the ability to draw power from both freshwater and saltwater, meaning that as long as the water is clean he can draw power from it and that the more polluted the water is the less power he is able to harness. Haad believes he has great potential to become an exceptionally powerful faran.


  • Aquatic Longbow - Raiken forms a giant bow out of water and shoots a large arrow from it, he is able to guide the arrow to a limited extent.
    • Freezing Longbow - A stronger version of his Aquatic Longbow, Raiken possesses his arm then forms a giant bow out of water and shoots and arrow from it. As the arrow travels, the tip of the arrow freezes and an icy explosion is created upon impact.
  • Hydra Storm - They Hydra storm is one of Raiken's most powerful techniques and it takes him a very long time to master. The Hydra Storm technique utilizes high level creation techniques in order to form dragons from water.
    • Hydra Storm: Hydra Onslaught - Raiken creates a multitude of water dragons and sends them all at his opponent.
    • Hydra Storm: Grand Dragon Binding - In this binding technique, Raiken creates a massive water dragon and uses it to subdue his opponent.
    • Hydra Storm: Acidic Breath - Raiken can cause bullets of acid to fire from the mouths of his formed hydras.
  • Freezing Pillars - When fully possessed by Frostbite, Raiken can cause large spikes of demonic ice to erupt from the ground.
  • All Things Begin: Quicksilver Binding - Raiken is able to multiply the Quicksilver Rod in varying amounts. After multiplication, Raiken can cast powerful binding techniques that can bind beings of near-biblical abilities. In the weakest form of this technique, Raiken can simply impale an opponent with 1-5 rods.
    • 10-Fold Quicksilver Binding - After throwing his Quicksilver Rod, the rod multiples into 10 rods and binds the target.
    • 100-Fold Quicksilver Binding - After throwing his Quicksilver Rod, the rod multiples into 100 rods and binds the target.
    • 1,000-Fold Quicksilver Binding - After throwing his Quicksilver Rod, the rod multiples into 1,000 rods and binds the target.
    • 1,000,000-Fold Quicksilver Binding - After throwing his Quicksilver Rod, the rod multiples into 1,000,000 rods and binds the target. This is the most powerful form of this technique.
  • Titan Wave - In his convergence, Raiken is able to create a massive wave from the water around him, flooding the land with a powerful surge of water. This can only be accomplished if Raiken is in a large body of clean water.
  • Bloody Quicksilver Prison - Raiken slashes his hand and uses his own blood to mark the quiksilver rod, which he then multiplies and drives into the ground in a ring around an area. Anyone in the area is prevented from leaving, as the blood reacts to the presence of anything with blood in it and causes the quicksilver rods to fire at anyone trying to cross the barrier.
  • Body Binding - This is a technique bestowed by the All Things Begin art. This technique is known as the ultimate form of binding and allows the user to bind a target by placing his hand on them. No hand sign in required in order to perform this technique, however as soon as contact is broken the binding loses its effect.
  • Andromeda From: Quicksilver Gatling Gun - An advanced combination technique that Raiken performs with Haruu Bastion. Raiken generates and multiplies his quicksilver rods and arranges them in a circle, resembling the barrels of a Gatling gun. Haruu then uses his Andromeda form to connect them with a lightning mechanism. The rods begin to spin rapidly and multiply rods in the center, where they gun fires lightning charged quicksilver rods at ultra fast speeds.