Rayyan is the court wizard of Baron Siro in Jeridor. Rayyan is a somewhat quiet man that has great pride in his province.

Appearance Edit

Rayyan has long black hair that is mostly covered by his faded green hooded cloak. He wears a white long-sleeve shirt and brown pants, with a long dark brown belt that wraps around his waist multiple times.

History Edit

Equipment Edit

Stonebird Golem Edit

Rayyan has a large rock golem in the shape of a predatory bird that he keeps as a companion. The bird is large enough for him to ride, making it easier for him to travel around the vast province of Jeridor.

Abilities Edit

Earth Manipulation Edit

Rayyan is a very skilled user of his earth manipulation, being capable of shaping rocks into animal-like psuedo-golems.

Golemancy Edit

Rayyan is a capable golemsmith, creating various animal-like rough golems for his use in and out of battle.

Techniques Edit

  • Stonebird - Rayyan's signature technique, he creates birds made of stone to fly towards his enemy at extremely fast speeds. The birds shatter on impact to increase damage by lodging shards of stone into his opponent.
  • Stonewasps - Rayyan can create a swarm of tiny stone wasps to sting his opponents.
  • Stonetitan - Rayyan creates a large golem of stone to damage his opponents with brute strength.
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