Rekara is the second in command agent of SIRA, Sirisia's intelligence agency.

Appearance Edit

Rekara has tan skin and long wavy black hair that she keeps in a bun.

History Edit

Rekara's father emigrated from Glistan to the port town of Baleen as a young man, and married a sirisian woman, making Rekara of mixed race.

Equipment Edit

Dual Daggers Edit

Rekara carries dual daggers with her for close combat fighting.

Abilities Edit

Water Manipulation Edit

Rekara is a skilled at the use of her water affinity, enough to become an elite SIRA agent.

Ink Manipulation Edit

Rekara is able to transform water into ink, allowing her more possibilities in combat.

Techniques Edit

  • Concealing Mist - Rekara is able to create large amounts of mist to help hide her presence in stealthy missions.
  • Cipher Stain - Rekara is able to utilize her ink manipulation to send secret messages. She first has to place a dot of ink imbued with her art onto another person, the dot will remain permanent until she releases it and doesn't require energy to maintain. She can then use this technique to write a message on any surface. The message looks like an ink stain until someone with the other component of the art touches it, then the true message will reveal itself.
  • Black Pull - Rekara's signature assassination technique, usually performed while in her concealing mist but can be performed anywhere. She fires a long string of ink at her opponent, pulling them towards her while she rushes towards them, slitting their throats as they pass.
  • Lady of the Lake - A compound technique that requires all four of the SIRA elite squad to work. The four members create a dense mist by making continuous deep breaths in unison, which they then blow this towards the opponent. If the opponent is hit by the mist, they are trapped in an extremely elaborate illusion technique that places them in the middle of a large lake, standing on top of the water. A large, feminine humanoid apparition then arises from the lake and can be used to strike the victim, when the victim strikes out the apparition turns to mist and reforms. This technique is used mainly in interrogation but can also be used in combat.
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