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​Captain of one of the most notorious pirate crews in Yuspar, the Kraken's Tooth Raiders. Captain Renwick is a skilled and seasoned fighter and plunderer and has a plethora of wealth attached to his crew.


Renwick has medium length messy brown hair with light brown eyes. He wears a large red trench coat with a navy stripe down the back, with black boots, black pants, and a navy shirt.


Once a lowly worker on a pirate ship, Renwick came into contact with Alrah, one of the Black Three, on one of his voyages. With her help, he was able to overthrow the current captain and swiftly rise to become one of the top pirate captains in the world.



Renwick wields a sword called Sirensong, a golden scimitar that can unleash waves of sound that can cut through enemies and disorient everyone around him.


Renwick also keeps a small ballistic pistol on him in case he needs it.