Rilik Drako is a powerful Undiri warrior who left the tribe after being denied his right as King. He is the cousin of Harlan Drako and still thinks that he would have made a better king and furthered the strength of the Undiri.

Abilities Edit

Bonds Edit

Rilik is the only known Undiri who has been able to bond with dragons. he has four dragons bonded to him that he can call on in any situation. While none of Rilik's dragons are one of the Exalted, they are all still powerful. Rilik's dragons are Bryrum, Idor, Herdana, and Shimophan.

Shimophan Edit

Shimophan is a powerful wyvern of air and fog. His rather small frame is offset by a massive fan-like tail. He uses this tail to cover areas in a dense fog from which he can attack in a more stealthy manner.

Herdana Edit

Herdana is a water dragon of the deep sea. Her serpentine body allows her free movement through both the sea and the sky, while her powerful water techniques serve to decimate her opponents.

Idor Edit

Idor is a powerful dragon of the mountains that specializes in defensive earth techniques. Rilik has a special connection with this dragon and occasionally rides an armored Idor into battle.

Bryrum Edit

Bryrum is a fiery dragon that is Rilik's strongest dragon in terms of attacking power. He nearly has the strength of an exalted and is able to produce rainbow flames.

Techniques Edit

  • Shimophan: Fog Cover - Rilik uses Shimophan to create a dense fog that covers the area, allowing for covert operations or stealthy retreats.
  • Shimophan: Winbreak Fang - Rilik uses Shimophan to create large fangs made of wind in the air that he can use to attack. Since Shimophan can create these fangs anywhere in the air, they can be used for both long and close range combat.
  • Herdana: Water Needles - Rilik has Herdana open her mouth, releasing a storm of tiny needles made of water to pierce his opponents.
  • Idor: Earthen Claw - A defensive technique in which a large claw made of stone erupts from the earth to protect Rilik and his bonded dragons from attacks.
  • Bryrum: Flaming Eclipse - Bryrum shoots a large ball of rainbow flame at Riliks opponents.
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