Rizen Riggan is a detective born in Subros. He is a powerful arts user that is known for being able to solve any case given to him and is famous for his intellect and information gathering skills.

Appearance Edit

Rizen has medium-long gold colored hair, as well as golden colored eyes. He wears a neck warmer that he can pull up to cover the bottom half of his face. He wears a faded green and red floral band collar shirt with black pants. He also sometimes wears a black sports jacket with brown elbow padding. He has a one strap bag that he carries around with him, usually by a handle. Rizen wears black gloves to cover his hands.

History Edit

Rizen grew up in Subros, where possessions are looked down upon and forbidden by law. Rizen has been curious since he was a child and often looked into possessions just so he could understand them. Since possessions are forbidden in Subros, Rizen did this in secrecy. He discovered a goddess named Drelene, who had a power that he believed had similar affinities to himself. Rizen discovered a way to receive Drelene's power without being possessed and was successful, but due to the method he used, his arms and legs turned red in color. He was banished from Subros for his crimes of dabbling in forbidden arts and moved to Dagara, where he picked up a job as a journalist, leading him into his fame as a detective.

Equipment Edit

Abilities Edit

Infernal Art Edit

The infernal art is the art that Rizen stole from Drelene, and is a flaming art with strong attractive forces. This art has both a strong pull on other objects as well as itself if the user wills it to be. He can control the intensity of the attractive force depending on the amount of energy put into the technique.

Techniques Edit

  • Infernal Geyser - This technique creates a ball of flames in Rizen's hand, which he throws and turns into a spinning geyser of fire that has a strong attractive pull.
  • Flame Finger - This technique covers Rizen's hand with fire, and leaves a flaming handprint on whatever he touches. While the flames are not hot, whenever he activates the flames on his hand again the handprinted item is pulled toward Rizen.
  • Infernal Handcuffs - Rizen puts a small amount of his infernal art on each wrist of a target and makes the flames mutually attractive towards each other. He can also use this technique to keep a target in one place, such as attached to a wall.
  • Drelene's Calamity - Rizen creates a massive ball of infernal flames, strengthening the attractive forces of it to the max, which will pull in anything within its area of effect and burn it immediately.
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