Rook is a hunter from Olirion that takes bounty contracts in order to gain money.

Appearance Edit

History Edit

Rook developed his way of fighting by watching the way an iron city soldier who was prominent in the Foxin fighting festivals and the Festival of Arts. He worked on this unique combination of form and barrier in order to also be a prolific fighter in Foxin. While he does not live in the fighting city, he participates in the Festival of Arts every year. He is a hunter for his normal day to day job, tracking down bounties in order to make an income.

Equipment Edit

Ogun Bow Edit

Ogun was a powerful energy tool manufacturer before the Ankor took over the Nantes Desert. They were well known for their bows, which were comprised of a light metal alloy that reflected heat instead of absorbing it. The bow in its compact form looks like a small metal rectangle but folds out into a shape similar to a compound bow. The bowstring is made from the user's energy, and an onboard AI allows for quick distance calculations and string torque required to make the shot, as well as accounting for wind and other factors.

Abilities Edit

Diamond Manipulation Edit

Rook is able to manipulate diamonds with his crystal art from his earth affinity. He uses this mainly as a barrier art, generating barriers of diamond nearly instantly and at any location by using his energy to instantly compress the carbon in the air. If there is no carbon or not enough, he can use pure energy to achieve the same effect, though it is not as fast and is draining on his reserves.

Black Lightning Manipulation Edit

From his lightning affinity, Rook developed the black lighting art, which is the most destructive of the pure lightning arts. He is able to charge his lightning attacks with immense energy, causing devastating blows. Because his specialization is in barrier techniques, he is unable to use his lighting techniques accurately at range.

Techniques Edit

  • Diamond Aegis - Rook's signature way of fighting, he causes a shield made of diamond to appear where the enemy is going to attack from. He can grab this shield and use it to deflect other attacks as well.
    • Spiked Diamond Aegis - This is similar to diamond aegis, but adds diamond spikes to the front of the shield, making it more effective against melee attacks.
  • Diamond Barricade - This technique creates a large wall made of diamond, either to block attacks or bar a certain path.
    • Diamond Diety Barricade - An incredibly large wall made of intricate diamond in order to stop large attacks or block off a wide area.
  • Diamond Palace - Rook's strongest defensive technique that creates a large palace made of diamond capable of withstanding most attacks and creating a defendable structure in a little under a minute. This technique requires an extreme amount of energy.
  • Black Lightning Axe - Rook charges his hand with black lightning and swings it in a chopping motion. The destructive power of the lightning causes devastation and electrical burns to whatever is touched. The amount of force he uses for this technique increases its power as well.
  • Black Lightning Nerve Sever - Rook can target and sever nerves, causing extreme pain and the loss of whichever nerve he was targeting. Rook must be extremely precise with this technique in order to completely destroy the nerve.
  • Atomic Cancellation - This technique requires an enormous amount of energy to be concentrated into the palm of the user's hand. By focusing black lightning to a focal point in the center of the palm, Rook can cancel out the electric field of atoms, disintegrating the target instantaneously. On top of the vast amount of energy required to use this technique, if the condensed ball of black lightning is held for too long it can start to backfire on the user as well.
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