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Rymen Elios is a member of Primordial Dawn. He is known as a master of stealth and has a multitude of deadly techniques. Despite not having an affinity or being able to utilize arts, Rymen is an extremely skilled practitioner and prodigy with unprecedented control over his energy, allowing him to utilize high-form techniques typically considered impossible.


Rymen has medium length white hair, except for a long pony tail, and bright blue eyes. He wears a loose dark blue - almost black - shirt that is printed with flowers in a slightly lighter blue. He also wears loose, dropped crotch, black pants that cinch right below the knee. He wears faded red leggings under those pants that completely wrap around his feet and he wears black shoes as well as faded red arm sleeves that cover everything except for four of his fingers, where the thumb is completely covered and the sleeve is attached by a black ring on the middle finger. Rymen also wears a bright red scarf with long trails.


Rymen is one of the 10% of tynar born without an affinity, something considered extremely unfortunate among his people. Even so, Rymen was considered a prodigy at a young age and is extremely intelligent and perceptive and learned that he could studied the way in which creatures manipulate energy without an affinity and learn to manipulate his energy in the same way. At some point, Rymen became fixated on learning the abilities of the four cardinal beast, powerful beast spirits from Vanaril that were living on this plane.


Enslavement Tags[]

The most powerful spell tag that Rymen is able to create, the enslavement tags are made using a long, laborious weaving process but allow rymen to take control of another entity if placed on their forehead. While semi-difficult to remove, the tags must maintain constant contact as well as stay in pristine condition in order to maintain effectiveness. Due to the extreme difficulty of the weaving process and the fact that the production leaves him exhausted, and due to his enjoyment of fighting a strong opponent, Ryem typically saves these for dire situations.


Teleportation Art[]

Rymen has trained extensively to learn the archaic art of teleportation.. He is able to execute the hand sign so fast that it is difficult to see him do it.

Extremely High Energy Perception[]

Rymen has extremely high energy perception, even among the tynar. This allows him to gather all kinds of information from his opponents even down to their heart rate and various data on the state of their energy. This is the main tool Rymen uses to study the cardinal beasts in order to learn their art. Rymen studies his subjects through constant battles, picking up on every miniscule action his opponents make as they use their techniques, learning how to mold his own energy in the same way. This has been extremely useful for Rymen's combative career given his inability to use arts. While this power is incredible, it is only possible in a specific set of circumstances. Rymen can only learn abilities that simply require the utilization of one's pure energy. Meaning that he cannot learn people's arts, as he doesn't have the affinity for them. Rymen must also witness the ability directly in order to learn from it, meaning that he is unable to learn certain body modifications such as voxefera or vampira, as he would also need to see the actual process of them receiving their body modification. This also extends to possessions; In order for Rymen to learn the abilities of the entity possessing his opponent, his opponent would need to be in their full possession as the partial possession doesn't provide enough information. The process of learning is also very slow, it is said that he fought the Western Grey Moth of Autumn 100 times to learn its abilities.

Moth Wind[]

After countless battles with the Western Grey Moth of Autumn, Rymen is now able to utilize the powerful wind-based abilities of the cardinal beast. Rymen can generate powerful, slicing winds that are invisible to the naked eye and travel at breakneck speeds. Once considered to be the "unshapeable wind", Rymen utilizes a high amount of form in his techniques, stating that it was not impossible to shape them, just extremely difficult and complex. He is the first to be able to do this, even exceeding the abilities of the spirit itself.

Ram's Silk[]

After hunting and continuously fighting the Northern Purple Ram of Winter, Rymen is now able to utilize the Ram's ability to generate various colored silks that each have their own special properties. The silks are robust and can last longer than normal techniques, allowing them to be set up and placed as traps that can stay active for extended periods of time. Using his extremely high proficiency in form, Rymen has taken this ability to another level and intricately weaves the various colored silks into different spell tags that produce various and powerful effects. The more powerful and complicated spell tags must be prepared beforehand, as they are extremely energy intensive and the intricacy makes them difficult to make successfully. The various silk colors that Rymen knows are the ones he was able to observe multiple times in battle, and are listed below:

White Silk - Said to embody the silent stillness of winter, this brilliant white silk has strong binding properties that can prevent opponents from using arts and can even still the mind, allowing opponents to be more open to influence.

Green Silk - This pale green silk has amazing adhesive properties, allowing it to create a strong bond with most surfaces. Rymen employs this silk regularly when weaving his spell tags in order to attach them to the opponent.

Lavender Silk - The preferred silk of the Ram and the one that the beast covers itself in, this soft lavender silk is extremely resilient to both physical and energy attacks, resists heat and cold, is resistant to flame, and is even partially hydrophobic preventing it from getting wet.


  • Invisible Blades - Rymen can create slashing, invisible wind blades that fly at his opponents. They fly so fast that the blades cut through his opponents immediately, giving them virtually no time to react.
  • Mistral Armor - Rymen is able to shape the winds to surround him, tearing anything that gets close to him into shreds, he typically puts this up at the last minute when he is about to be attacked in order to catch his opponent off guard.