Rymen Elios is a member of Primordial Dawn. He is most noted for his adept use of teleportation magic. He is known as a master of stealth and has a multitude of deadly techniques.

Appearance Edit

Rymen has medium length white hair and bright blue eyes. He wears a loose black shirt and loose black pants that cinch right below the knee. The shirt has a flower print design that is a slightly lighter shade of black. He wears black leggings under those pants that completely wrap around his feet and he wears black shoes. Rymen also wears a bright red scarf and a red sash at his waist as well has red beads on his waist.

History Edit

Equipment Edit

Enslavement Tags Edit

Rymen has multiple spell tags on him that contain an ancient enslavement spell. If placed on someone's forehead, they come under Rymen's control.

Abilities Edit

Teleportation Magic Edit

Rymen is extremely adept at utilizing the archaic magic of teleportation. He is able to execute the hand sign so fast that it is difficult to see him do it.

Moth Wind Edit

Said to have learned it from fighting a mythical beast, Rymen has developed an extreme variation of the wind affinity, where he is able to slice his opponents with ultra sharpened wind that cannot even be seen by the naked eye. This technique can only be noticed through careful observation of magical perception, detecting the blades indirectly by detecting Rymen's magic.

Techniques Edit

  • Muffled Steps - This technique muffles the sounds of Rymen's footsteps, making him extremely quiet.
  • Invisible Blades - Rymen can create slashing, invisible wind blades that fly at his opponents.
  • Mistral Armor - Rymen is able to shape the winds to surround him, tearing anything that gets close to him into shreds, he typically puts this up at the last minute when he is about to be attacked in order to catch his opponent off guard.
  • Wall - Rymen is able to create large invisible walls out of his art that he can use to block attacks or entrap his enemies.
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