Ryo Rorona is a member of the Saint's Guard in Viridian. He was recognized early in his military career for his extreme proficiency in using his magic. He is feared because of his extreme proficiency in killing as well.

Appearance Edit

Ryo wears the black under suit of the Saint's Guard, with long sleeves and long pants. He wears the leg and chest armor pieces as well. He has short black spiked hair and brown eyes.

History Edit

Equipment Edit

Chain Swords Edit

Ryo uses a weapon that resembles two katanas that are linked together by a chain attached at the hilt. He carries two sets of these weapons, one on each hip.

Abilities Edit

Lightning Manipulation Edit

Ryo is extremely proficient in the use of his magic. His control over his affinity allows for him to create extremely sharp lightning concentrated on the edge of his blade. He also uses his lightning magic to enhance the speed of his swings and his movement. The color of his magic is an electric red.

Techniques Edit

  • Kami Blade - This is the ability that made him a renowned killer. Ryo focuses his lightning on the very edge of his blades, making them extremely sharp. He typically enhances other parts of his body while using this ability as well.
  • Raging Heavens Blade - Ryo lines the blades of his swords with raging torrents of lightning. The lightning seems almost like flames and extends past the tip of the blades.
  • Kami Reaper Blade - Ryo crouches and leans forward, suspended in a leaning position by enhancing his feet and leg muscles with his lightning magic. The particular stance for this technique has become feared by most. Ryo springs forward towards the enemy, striking extremely fast. The enhanced speed of this attack and the combination of this with the Raging Heavens Blade make it nearly unavoidable.
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