Sabathel is the prison overseer at Moon Town, the highest security prison in the world.

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Inscribing Pen Edit

This Halia class energy item works pretty much like an infinite energy battery. Sabathel is able to store energy into the pen, and then use his techniques through the pen, and those techniques will last as long as the pen has energy in it.

Abilities Edit

Ink Manipulation Edit

Sabathel is able to manipulate ink, which he usually uses in conjunction with his tattoo art.

Tattoo Art Edit

A variation of the category of character arts, Sabathel is able to etch symbols onto himself and others using ink in order to create various enhancements. His energy item allows these tattoos to stay active without him actively supplying them with energy. His art focuses mainly on the diminishing aspect of enhancement arts, sealing or deteriorating certain aspects of a person rather than enhancing them.

Ruin Edit

Sabthel is of Ruin heritage and holds the curse of the Ruin, as denoted by his violet eyes. He, however, has overcome this curse by placing multiple sealing tattoos on his chest. These tattoos enhance his resistance to the curse's effects while diminishing the power of the curse itself, allowing him to access his third release without any side effects. In Sabathel's third release, he is able to purify any art based in the water affinity into water. He is essentially expelling the energy from the water, not allowing it to be manipulated again. When the water soaks into the ground it eventually regains its latent energy.

Techniques Edit

  • Prisoner's Gaes - Sabathel's signature art, that got him his position at Moon Town. This tattoo is placed on the middle of the back, between the shoulder blades, of all prisoners in Moon Town and it diminishes their energy levels to nearly zero, preventing them from utilizing arts or energy items of any kind.
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