Sago is a golem working for the Sumeca Brothers

Appearance Edit

Sago has grey eyes and black hair, that he keeps in a tight bun with the sides shaven down. He has multiple scars marking his face, in deep contrast with his pale skin.

History Edit

Equipment Edit

Katana Edit

Sago carries a katana with him for close quarters combat.

Ink Reservoir Edit

Being a golem, Sago has no internal organs and instead has a large reservoir of ink stored in his body. He accumulates water into the reservoir and then meditates to transmute all the water into ink in his free time. He also causes the ink to course through his body like blood, allowing him to do such feats as counterattack with a cut on his arm or even reattach a severed limb.

Abilities Edit

Ink Manipulation Edit

Sago is able to use his water affinity to manipulate ink, using it for both strangulation and transportation purposes. He also has ink stored in his body and running through his body like blood, to allow for higher versatility of counters when he is attacked.

Teleportation Edit

Sago is able to use the archaic art of teleportation, using it in conjunction with his ink manipulation to create dimensional puddles of ink that he can travel through as well as send other people through.

Techniques Edit

  • Black Well - Sago touches the ground, creating a puddle of ink, which he is able to use as a dimensional portal after making the teleportation hand sign. Once in the black well, Sago or another person can appear anywhere that Sago makes another puddle. The only restriction is that Sago must create the puddles on a surface and cannot create them in the middle of the air.
  • Black Strangle - Sago sends multiple strands of ink towards an opponents neck, wrapping around the neck to strangle them.
  • Inking Cloak - Sago touches the ground, and a river of ink races towards the opponent, covering them in black ink and slowly drowning them.
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