The Saint's Guard is an elite group of warriors from Viridian that report directly to the Saint. They are among the strongest fighters in the country. Members of the Saint's Guard come from all over Viridian, and it is the second highest rank you can attain as a soldier in Viridian, under the Saint. Members of the Saint's Guard usually deal with matters that will affect the entire country, but also receive missions directly from the saint for other tasks. There are always eight members at any given time.

The Saint's Guard are based in the capital city of cathedral and are appointed by the Saint himself.

Members Edit

Members of the Saint's Guard
Name Status
Haruu Bastion Active
Mugen Mar Active
Megalo Mar Active
Lammerus Sono Active
Ryo Rorona Active
Hiso Active
Bellamy Auguste Former
Mikel Lunahara Active
Maxin Nonun Doro Active
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