Sefore Kamara is the Ojarak of Mbori

Appearance Edit

Sefore has dark skin and long, white hair with grey eyes. his hair is held back with various braids and clasps. He is a slightly aged man, but still full of vitality. His clothes are made from light purple cloth, strips of leather, and white rope. He wears jewelry that was specially carved and crafted from the Moseng Crystal.

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Moseng Crystal Manipulation Edit

Sefore is said to draw his powers from the gigantic Moseng crystal that is located in the heart of the Stonepillar Desert. This art allows him to create and utilize white crystals for combat. He usually materializes long, thin, white crystals that are said to be fragments from the heart of the Moseng Crystal. He can use these crystals as projectiles, shields, and hold them as weapons. One special ability of these crystals is that they can harness the innate abilities of the Moseng, firing blasts of powerful white energy.

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