Senacle is a priest that once lived in Alabasta, but is now working to expose the fact that some of the major powers in Glistan are hiding ancient artifacts.

Appearance Edit

Senacle has long blonde hair and bright blue eyes. He wears simple white cloth clothing under a yellow hooded cloak. He walks barefoot and has no jewelry on himself.

History Edit

Senacle was once a devout priest in Alabasta, serving at a temple dedicated to the eight Berit gods. However, one day he was visited by a wounded soldier and discovered that he was empowered by Attarax, a powerful artifact and one of the Five Priests. This lead Senacle to begin to obsessively research about these artifacts and he soon discovered that Dagara was also in possession of one. He was enraged that these countries would concentrate such immense power to use for military advantages and he set off to find Theos so that he could stop them.

Equipment Edit

Theos Edit

Senacle is in possession of Theos, one of the five priests. He managed to merge his soul with the artifact in order to gain its abilities.

Abilities Edit

Theos Edit

Senacle is able to use the clairvoyant abilities of Theos, looking into the true nature of people's magic. He can see this true nature with his own eyes as well as expose it to people using his hands.

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