Senet is the current queen of Tababrin, a tropical island nation lying just off of Glistan's eastern shore. She is from the esteemed Achilia family, a family known for their powerful arts users that has been ruling Tababrin for generations.

Appearance Edit

Senet has tanned skin, hazel eyes, and long black wavy hair. She wears a simple patterned sundress and sandals.

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Storm Manipulation Edit

Senet is able to combine her three affinities into the powerful storm manipulation. Normally a destructive art that can cause hurricanes and lightningstorms, Senet finds these things unnecessarily destructive and has fine tuned her control in order to concentrate that power into smaller techniques. Her techniques are said to be both beautiful and terrifying simultaneously.

Techniques Edit

  • Monsoon Spear - Senet is able to concentrate the power of a storm into a rough spear shape and throw it at her opponents, causing devastating damage where it lands.
  • Storm's Eye Binding - Senet encases her opponent in a sphere of raging storms then makes the binding symbol with her hands. While inside the sphere the person is safe, but trying to reach outside of it would prove extremely dangerous.
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