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Serafine is the current queen of Dracia, and resides in Kingrest, the lavish royal palace in Dragonport.


Serafine has long, fine, black hair that reaches towards her mid back. She usually wears regal dracian dresses and is adorned with the best jewelry.


While it is necessary that the queen of the dracian family hold the fire affinity, as it increases the likelihood of flame-affinitied offspring, it is not necessary for her to be able to manipulate her affinity. Serafine, however, began developing her affinity at a young age, as she wanted to be powerful enough to protect herself and not have to rely on others.


Queen's Treasure[]

A small, intricate crown, the Queen's Treasure is an A class energy item passed down from one dracian queen to the next. The crown is inset with fire rubies from Alabasta as well as rare gems from Iostuoria, and made with gold mined right in Dracia; It was crafted by the expert artisans in Dragonport. The crown is able to protect the wearer by releasing a defensive flame technique when activated. A thin wall of flame, nearly solid and translucent, surrounds the wearer in a 3 foot radius, protecting the wearer from harm. The spell easily protects from physical attacks and projectiles, but attacks and projectiles from arts can break the technique rather quickly.



Due to her immense amount of training, Serafine is able to acutely control her fire affinity, which has been dubbed flameweaving. She is able to weave threads of flame into multiple objects to help suit her situation. As she is not much of a fighter, most of her techniques revolve around defense and support.


  • Flameweaver: Healing Mantle - Serafine weaves her flames into a large cloak that someone can wear to gently cauterize their wounds, preventing them from getting infected and slightly soothing them (although there is a bit of a sting at first). The cloak works best if the person wearing it isn't moving.
  • Flameweaver: Binding Wraps - Serafine weaves her flames into thin bandages that can wrap an opponent, she can then use the binding hand sign to bind them in her wraps.