Shanx Gazarga is the leader of a gang of criminals and controls Rverie and is accumulated territory in the Coast of Sin, Yuspar.


Shanx has short, brown, dreaded hair with piercing yellow eyes and tanned skin. He has multiple tattoos all over his body, including his neck and face, and has a short beard. He has various gold ornaments in his hair as well as various ear piercings. He wears a simple necklace made of teeth as well as a black jacket with a gold imprinted design; he wears the jacket open with no undershirt. He wears dark grey pants and black boots.


Shanx was once the lieutenant general of the Yusparian military, second in command to the Queen. However, he maintained a criminal enterprise of kidnapped gifted children and training them to be elite soldiers. When the raids on the souther coasts began, Shanx saw his opportunity to start his own country where he could do what he wanted, and deserted the military. He took the port of Reverie and through turf wars and subterfuge encompassed the land around the city.



Shanx carries a high grade military pistol on him, he states that a pistol can often solve problems a lot quicker than arts.



Shanx is possessed by Brua, a powerful beast spirit of Vanaril. Brua is a large, hyena-like spirit that grants shanx the use of her pups to fight for him in battle. She provides the spirits of her pups through her tether with Shanx and they take form through his lighting affinity, jumping out of his body as creatures of lightning that resemble a hyena. They obey his every command and attack in a vicious pack, tearing their victim to shreds. The pups are extremely fast and powerful, sometimes allowing Shanx to take down multiple opponents without lifting a finger. Shanx is able to partially possess himself with Brua in order to gain her physical strength as well as have access to her pups. When fully possessed by Brua, Shanx turns into a large, ferocious Hyena-like monster.

Lightning Enhancer

Shanx utilizes his lightning affinity to increase the strength of his physical attacks.


  • Brua's Pups - Shanx partially possesses himself with Brua and is able to gain access to her pups, where Brua provides the spirts of the pups that utilize Shanx's lighting affinity and energy to manifest. The pups, being their own spirits, are independent but obedient as well as able to communicate with one another to attack as a pack. When the pups form, an arc of lightning jumps out of Shanx's body and forms a hyena-like creature of lighting.
  • Brua's Bite - Shanx partially possesses his mouth to gain Brua's mouth, a lethal weapon that is powerful enough to bite through steel.

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