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Sigil Hunters are native to Methos Gran and make a living tracking down Sigils to either increase their power or sell for money. Many Sigil hunting guilds have developed in order to generate more income. The guilds are typically small, and it is not uncommon for some Sigil hunters to never join guilds and to travel by themselves or in pairs.


There is a universal ranking system in place in the country to denote the skill of a sigil hunter and allow customers a guarantee that they get the level of skill that they're paying for. The ranks are numbered 1-4, denoting the level of Sigil that the hunter is able to gather. A rank 4 Sigil Hunter is only approved to gather common class Sigils, while a rank 1 Sigil Hunter can gather god class Sigils.


Sigil Hunter guilds tend to be named after colors, and have their own headquarters in specific cities. While there are many Sigil Hunting guilds around the country, there are 6 major guilds. The six major guilds are: Vermilion, Sarcoline, Amaranth, Zaffre, Cinereous, and Dark Byzantium.