Silmasera is the daughter of Erelias Elderin, the Tribune of Lustana. Silmasera never liked her father much, thinking him naive in his nobleness. She eventually left Lustana and is now living in the mountains, building up her own cult.

Appearance Edit

Silmasera has dark green eyes and long, glistening blond hair that flows down her back and contains various braids. She has black lines that run horizontally from her eyes to her temples. She wears long silk robes dyed a silvery grey.

Cesyreth has slate grey scales with a hint of deep purple. She is also marked with multiple scars from previous battles.

History Edit

Silmasera was never fond of the way her father ruled, with nobleness and trust. She eventually left Lustana, but before doing so broke into the great library and stole forbidden knowledge on how to bind ones soul with ancient beings. She bound her soul to Cesyreth, an ancient snake that terrorized Lustana long ago. She is now building a cult of her own worshipers somewhere in the mountains and is planning on invading Thenorin.

Equipment Edit

Lantern of Ishan Edit

Stolen from the Grass Bells treasury, the Lantern of Ishan is a powerful artifact. The lantern is located on a long pole and has bells tied to it so that it softly jingles when it moves. It allows Silmasera to create powerful illusions that distract even high level fighters.

Abilities Edit

Snake Charmer Edit

Silmasera has bonded her soul to Cesyreth, a giant ancient snake. Cesyreth is the offspring of Haad, but was banished from the Goranil Peaks long ago for attacking Thenorin. Silmasera typically keeps Cesyrath out, but can conceal the snake into a charm that she wears as a choker. Silmasera can command Cesyreth to attack with brute strength as well as fire its poison at her opponents. Due to injuries sustained from previous battles, Cesyreth can no longer speak, but she can still understand most languages.

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