Somon is an elf from Nemari, and was blessed with the flower Goldenrose and became one of the 7 gates of nemari. Somon has a serious demeanor and is always task-focused. Even though he is an elf, his family has lived in Nemari for generations.

Appearance Edit

Somon has light tan skin and pale yellow eyes with medium length silver hair that stands up and leans to the left. He wears a fitted black sleeveless turtleneck with baggy white pants that tuck into black combat boots. He has white leather on his right shoulder for his pet Briejan Eagle to perch.

HIstory Edit

Equipment Edit

Hakuwa Edit

Hakuwa is a Briejan Eagle that Somon has tamed. The eagles can be found all over the Briejan Peninsula, and Somon named his Hakuwa after a great warrior from legends. Hakuwa is a large white eagle with various red patterns on his wings. The feathers on his head stick up to form a crown and also have red feathers on them. He typically uses Hakuwa to scout an area and cry when he sees something. But he can also use Hakuwa for various attacks. By using body modification techniques, Hakuwa's bones are made out of Goldenrose's golden thorns, allowing Somon to use the bird as a source for his attacks.

Abilities Edit

Goldenrose Edit

Somon is blessed with the legendary flower Goldenrose by the god Garden. With this ability he is able to summon the rose's thorns in order to fight. The thorns are made of gold and due to the flowers properties can conduct electricity extremely well.

Techniques Edit

  • Goldenrose: Auric Impaler - 3 golden thorns spring from the ground, Somon then picks them up and charges them with electricity before throwing them at high velocities towards his opponent.
  • Goldenrose: Execution Grounds - Hundreds of electrified golden thorns spring from the ground all over the battlefield.
  • Goldenrose: Gilded Turret - Somon has Hakuwa float in the air while he fires thorns from the birds body. While this technique is extremely useful, the one drawback is that Hakuwa cannot move while firing thorns.
  • Goldenrose: Penance Visage - This is the unique ability of Goldenrose. Somon can create up to three heavy masks made out of Goldenrose's electric metal that he must physically place on an opponents face. The masks function as a minor binding instrument and prevent the use of arts when worn, although a skilled arts user can break through this. The main usage of the masks is to gain the truth of victims. Anyone wearing one of the masks cannot lie while it is on, as they mask makes them unable to.
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